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Pasquale's Family History

1968-1988 New Jersey

A True Family Success Story

If you’re living in Coral Springs for a while, we’re sure you’ve noticed how we’ve grown. Some of you may remember back in 1988 when we opened our first Coral Springs restaurant on Royal Palm and today in 2019 we offer four locations to serve you from Coral Springs to Pembroke Pines.

We credit much of our success to our dedication to using nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients in all of the food that we prepare. It’s been like that for over fifty years in our family and so it shall remain our promise to you, to always maintain this proud Pasquale’s tradition.


Who is Pasquale?
Everybody wants to know! Pasquale is none other than our Grandfather, Pasquale Marrone! Our father named his very first restaurant after his father, Pasquale.

1968 From Humble Beginnings
Pasquales is the continuation of a fifty year tradition! In 1968, our father George Sr., son of Pasquale, started in the restaurant business at 16, working for his mentor Bruno Calandria at Bruno’s Pizza Town USA in Paramus, NJ. From those humble beginnings our family has built a proud tradition that continues on today in each of our restaurants, in every pizza we make and in every dish we serve.

1974 The First Pasquales Restaurant is Born

Mom and dad move down the shore to Tom’s River, New Jersey and on March 23rd, with $400 in his pocket and a lot of IOUs, George Sr. opened the original Pasquales, a 1,600 square foot restaurant seating 40, named after his father, Pasquale Marrone. And on October 13th, 1984, George expanded the family business and opened his second store in Bricktown, New Jersey, a 1,700 square foot restaurant seating 60.


1988-Present South Florida


1988 First Coral Springs Location Opens – Pasquale’s Arrives!

On September 21st, the Marrone family opens their first Florida location at 10337 Royal Palm Boulevard, in Coral Springs, a 2,030 square foot restaurant seating 75. Seventeen year old George Jr., fifteen year old Mike, and thirteen year old Nick, join Dad and begin working in the restaurant.

2005 Second Coral Springs Location Opens

Coral Springs experienced large growth as a city between 1988 and 2005 and with that growth came increased demand for our product. Now, 15 years past the grand opening, the neighborhood is still experiencing growth with new construction just now starting to slow down a little bit. People love Coral Springs and keep moving here and apparently, they love Pasquale’s Pizza. And we appreciate it so much, thank you!


2010 Pasquales Opens in Coconut Creek

Expanding even further the coverage of their service area, the Marrones chose Coconut Creek as the location for their third restaurant. Located just to the east of the heart of Coral Springs, Pasquale’s home base, it put a Pasquale’s location within easy reach of customers all the way east to the Turnpike and Powerline.

2017 Pasquale’s Opens in Pembroke Pines

In a lot of ways, Pembroke Pines in Southwest Broward is a lot like Coral Springs in Northwest Broward, and it just seemed like such natural fit for Pasquales to land here and it’s been great. Located across the street from Pines Charter High School, Pasquales hopes to become more involved in the local community in Pines as they are in Springs.